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Published since 2005, RainToday is the premier online sales magazine with tips and tools to help you unleash your sales potential. More than 100,000 top sellers read our free newsletter each week, and we've been named the Top Sales & Marketing Resource Site for 5 years running by Top Sales Awards.

RainToday is published by RAIN Group, a sales training and performance improvement company that helps leading organizations improve sales results. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of salespeople, managers, and professionals in more than 34 countries increase their sales significantly.

RainToday brings you the freshest sales strategies, tips, and techniques from world-renowned sales experts, including Charles H. GreenJill Konrath, Andrew Sobel, Michael Port, Michael W. McLaughlin, our own Mike Schultz and John Doerr, and hundreds of others.

RainToday gives you:

  • More than 1,000 articles, insights, and case studies cover how to generate leads, win sales, grow accounts, and manage and lead a salesforce.
  • Monthly webinars from sales experts cover the most relevant topics in sales today.
  • Podcast interviews with world-renowned sales experts give you the freshest tips and techniques to help you sell more starting now.
  • How-to guides and tools allow you to take the learning and apply it directly to your sales efforts.
  • Free white papers and ebooks contain powerful sales insights.
  • Best practice and benchmark research by the analysts and experts at RAIN Group and RainToday allow you to benchmark yourself against top performers.
  • Q&A coaching calls give you direct feedback and advice to improve sales results.
  • And much more…
"I have found RainToday to be an invaluable resource in providing me with the tips, tools, and best practices for growing my revenue. The site content is refreshed regularly, and every day another relevant article or webinar is featured. I am getting optimum value out of my membership, and highly recommend it."
- Amy Bingham, Managing Partner, Bingham Consulting

Why RainToday?

You may be thinking: There’s a ton of  sales advice out there. What makes RainToday different?

Fair question.

RainToday is the largest online magazine focused exclusively on succeeding with complex sales.

Every day, we bring you practical sales tips and techniques that will improve your sales results.

Plus, we regularly publish new tools, guides, and additional resources to help keep you ahead of the curve. Our founders, Mike Schultz and John Doerr, are two of the world’s most respected sales experts and bestselling authors of Rainmaking Conversations (Wiley, 2011), Professional Services Marketing (Wiley, 2009), and Insight Selling (Wiley, 2014).

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