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Enabling Your Team to be a Sales Powerhouse
Presented by Peter Ostrow, 2 p.m. ET

The revolutions in mobility, cloud computing, analytics, and social media have introduced—in a remarkably short period of time—extraordinary opportunities for 21st century companies to revolutionize the way they market, sell, and retain customers.

But only a few companies are taking advantage of these new platforms. This leaves a great opportunity for forward-thinking organizations to get an edge on the competition, and drive repeatable revenue through truly on-point sales enablement.

Join Peter Ostrow, Principal Analyst, Sales Effectiveness, at the Aberdeen Group, as he reveals how best-in-class companies leverage the right technologies and best practices to avoid costly sales turnover and send more high achievers to the President's Club.

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7 Personality Traits of Great Negotiators
Presented by John Doerr, 12 p.m. ET

Some people are naturally good at negotiation. Are you one of them?

You're more likely to find consistent success if you have more than a few of the 7 qualities that RAIN Group President John Doerr will reveal in this month's Q&A Coaching Call.

Attend the call to see if your personality makes you a natural-born negotiator, and to learn how to develop the areas that you're weakest in.

At the end of the call, John will answer your submitted questions.

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