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5 Elements of World-Class Sales Training Programs
Presented by Mike Schultz, 2 p.m. ET

Nine out of 10 sales training initiatives have no lasting impact after only four months. So, how do you make sure the training sticks and learning is utilized?

You implement a systematic process that gets sellers up to speed quickly, develops the skills and knowledge they need, supports their ongoing sales efforts, and drives top sales performance.

Learn specifically how to do that in this upcoming webinar with Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group and bestselling author of Rainmaking Conversations and Insight Selling. He'll provide insight into how the most successful organizations structure their sales training initiatives to produce sellers who consistently exceed their targets and bring in the most revenue.

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How to Network Your Way Into the C-Suite
Presented by Ago Cluytens, 12 p.m. ET

If you're looking to sell higher up, build strong relationships with senior decision makers, and close more deals faster—don't miss this call. As a former financial services executive and CxO, RAIN Group EMEA Practice Director Ago Cluytens has powerful insight to share around what it really takes to "sell to the C-suite."

At the end of the call, Ago will answer your submitted questions.

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