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The Top-Performing Sales Organization
Presented by Mike Schultz, 2-3 p.m. ET

For sellers and sales leaders today, it's a constant battle to get to the top of the pack. But only 20% of the 472 sellers' and executives' organizations we studied fit the criteria of a Top Performer.

If you're looking to join the Top Performer ranks in 2016, don't miss this upcoming webinar with RAIN Group President Mike Schultz. He'll walk you through new research on what Top Performers do to separate them from The Rest.

You'll come out of the webinar with 5 quick-hit strategies and 4 key areas you should turn your attention to if you want to get ahead of the curve and beat your sales goals next year.

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How to Minimize Risk in a World of Skeptical Buyers
Presented by Bob Croston, 12 p.m. ET

Every company's marketing and sales messages promise results—often wild results—as their first foot forward. Yet while everyone is promising results, buyers regularly report disappointment.

Buyers don't believe they get what they expect or were promised. They've been burned in the past and are skeptical of sellers and their exaggerated claims. It's just too risky.

As a seller, you have the power to either minimize or enhance the buyer’s perception of risk. In this month’s Q&A Coaching Call, Bob Croston will share the 4 areas in which buyers perceive risk and how to minimize it in each.

At the end of the call, Bob will answer listener-submitted questions.

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