3 Mistakes that Will Derail Your Lead Nurturing Campaign

By: Michelle Davidson

Lead nurturing is a sensitive process. If you give potential buyers sales information too early, you'll alienate them. If you send the wrong content or blast them with too frequent emails, you'll lose them forever.

To prevent those things from happening, B2B marketing expert Jeff Ogden shared three mistakes you must avoid.

Top on the list of mistakes: talking about your service, your firm, or you, Ogden said in a recent podcast interview, How You Know When a Prospect Is Ready to Buy.

"Buyers couldn't care less about your products and services," he says. "You need to talk about customer problems."


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The second mistake to avoid: not mapping your content to the sales process and where your buyer is in that process, says Ogden.

For example, if your buyer is in the "Untroubled, Unaware" stage—where they may have a problem that requires your service, but they don't know they have the problem, or they simply don't care—don't send them a list of your services and fees.

Instead give them content such as case studies that illustrate how a company similar to them solved a specific problem, Ogden suggests.

"What you're trying to do is build trust. You're not trying to sell people. You want them to trust you," he says. "And once they trust you, and they understand they have a problem, they're going to look to you to solve their problem."

The third mistake Ogden says to avoid is not giving people a way to move back and forth in the nurturing process.

"Say you have a six-step sequence in nurturing, and [the person is] on step 4. Put a link to steps 1, 2, and 3 in there, too, so they can go back if they want to. That just makes it again more service- and more user-friendly," he says. "They may have missed something or they look at that email and they forgot all about it and they want to go back to it. So, give people a way to move back and forth in your campaign."

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