Vote for RainToday's Best Content of the Week - April 11

By: Jonathan Carlson

Andrew Harrison must really know how to get into people's heads because his article on the psychology of selling took home last week's Readers' Choice Award [insert laugh track here]. In all seriousness, though, it was terrific article, and everyone here at RainToday congratulates Andrew on his victory. Great work.

Let's kick off this week's competition by taking a look at the new content that's up for consideration:

RainToday Contributing Editor Charles H. Green gets us started with an article on an epidemic that's sweeping through the marketing world: over-surveying. We all know that client surveys can be useful, but if you send them too often (and without enough purpose), you run the risk of eroding your client relationships rather than strengthening them.

Lisa Nirell builds on the client relationship theme with her piece on why you need to ditch the hourly billing model, as it is inherently detrimental to your clients. Instead, you can establish a value-based fee model that better aligns the incentives of your team and your clients. In other words, everybody wins.

Next on the ballot is Larry Gard, who teaches you how to turn networking into not only a profitable experience, but an enjoyable one as well. And RainToday founder John Doerr contributes a podcast interview on the best way to qualify your prospects.

Each piece of content contains some invaluable information that you can immediately apply to your sales and marketing efforts. So, read the articles, listen to the podcast, and then vote for your favorite over on our Facebook page.

Cast your vote today.

Jonathan Carlson is a Senior Marketing Associate at He  implements and oversees all of RainToday’s marketing initiatives, and works with partners and advertisers to ensure that people across the globe know about the greatness that is RainToday. He is also a weekly contributor to the RainToday blog.