Vote for RainToday's Best Content of the Week - December 12

By: Jonathan Carlson

Are you sitting down? Because I have news that's going to blow your mind:

This is the last Readers' Choice Award blog post of 2012 (and potentially forever if those doomsday prognosticators are correct).

That's right. After today we're breaking for the holidays, and won't rejoin you until 2013. It's OK, you can take a moment to compose yourself.


Alright, ready? Great. Because we have to congratulate David Zahn for winning last week's Readers' Choice Award. His article 3 Truths and a Lie about Client Acquisition was a big hit with our audience. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend doing so.

Also recommended is all of the content in this week's Rainmaker Report (December 12). Here are the nominees for the final Readers' Choice Award of 2012:

Colleen Francis tees things up with three tips that will improve your sales process. The key, she says is to make it memorable—and in a good way. Gareth Cartman follows that with a piece about how to overcome the biggest hurdle to CRM success—implementation, and preparing for implementation. He explains how to prepare for a CRM system so that not only is implementation a success, but the CRM is adopted and used to its maximum benefit.

Next, Peter Bregman gives us a great article on how to turn around employee negativity. He shares three steps that will help you take a negative working environment and turn it into a positive atmosphere. It's important advice, especially if you're in a leadership position at your company.

Lastly, Jeremy Bromberg sits down in our weekly podcast interview to discuss the ever-popular topic of how to generate referrals that will bring in new clients. Jeremy is always engaging to listen to, and he has a ton of experience generating referrals. Don't miss out on what he's got to say.

So, this is where we part ways. Review all of the new content below, and head over to Facebook to vote for the piece you think is most worthy of winning the Readers' Choice Award.

Good luck, and see you in 2013!

Vote today.

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