How to Become a Thought Leader Eguide

What’s the key to becoming a thought leader in your field? Is it the right decision for you? Where do you begin, and how long will it take?

Thought Leaders of all different kinds are out there in the world, growing their businesses. Some are the “big T” Thought Leaders, the names we all recognize. Others are “little t” thought leaders, who lead their own niche market and do it well.

In 195 pages of down-to-earth advice, How to Become a Thought Leader provides you with the background and self-evaluation tools you need to:

  • Understand how and why thought leadership builds a business
  • Examine your motivation and potential to take this path
  • Anticipate the upside benefits and inherent risks
  • Determine your best positioning, given your starting point
  • Evaluate and choose the communications tools that are right for you
  • Start a firm-wide thought leadership effort inside your company
  • Learn from other thought leaders’ successes and mistakes
  • Develop your own personal thought leadership plan

How to Become a Thought Leader addresses what it means, what it takes, and what it does for your career when you aspire toward leading your market with ideas. Becoming a thought leader takes hard work, persistence, and risk, but the rewards can be greater than you’d ever imagine. Before you jump in, prepare yourself for all the hard work by reading this report.

At each chapter's end, use the checklists and self-evaluation questions to plan your own preparation for becoming a thought leader, including:

  • 7 characteristics of a thought leader's mindset
  • Your own level of thought leader motivation
  • 5 rules of how to use your tools successfully
  • 3 keys to thought leadership
  • How to pick the best path: express elevator, or slow climb?
  • Pros and cons of speaking as a tool
  • How to improve your speaking skills
  • How to write a great online article
  • What to consider when establishing a blog
  • Ways to get involved in your industry, and why
  • 8 keys to managing yourself... and more!

With this Sales Presentation Checklist, you can make sure you're doing everything possible to create and deliver sales presentations that close more business for your company.

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