How-To Guide: Prospecting for Professional Services

The Professional’s Guide to Successful Prospecting

Whether by phone, email, or good, old-fashioned direct mail, prospecting is essential to your sales and marketing initiatives. Yet it’s an area in which many professionals struggle.

In this guide, you’ll learn the key concepts that underlie successful prospecting. These concepts serve to direct your efforts so your prospecting will be more profitable. We share specific strategies, tactics, tips, and scripts that you can start using right away to improve your prospecting.

Once you understand the key concepts, you’ll work with detailed exhibits that include examples, scripts, and worksheets you can use to put your knowledge into practice. Here are the topics you’ll cover as you work through this valuable guide:

  • Creating Your Target Profile
    • Using in-depth questions and examples, you’ll fill out a worksheet that builds a fully developed profile of your ideal customer.
  • List Building
    • There are a number of ways to build target lists. This exhibit gives you 14 sources that can help.
  • 6 Value-Based Prospecting Approaches
    • Not sure of the best way to approach your target customers? This exhibit walks you through 6 conversation scripts that model proven methods of effectively conveying your value to a prospect so that you get (and hold) their attention.
  • Responding to Push Backs
    • No matter what, some prospects are going to give you push back. We give you examples of the best ways to overcome these objections and keep the sale moving forward.
  • Prospecting by Telephone: Voicemail Messages
    • Leaving a voicemail message for a prospect seems easy enough, but it can make or break your sales process. Use our examples to create voicemail messages that will leave a positive impression with prospects.

These approaches are based on the RAIN Selling methodology and have helped thousands of professionals find prospecting success. If you want to see a distinct improvement in your prospecting efforts, this is the guide you’ve been waiting for.

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