3 Steps to Attract Your Ideal Client Using Character Codes—An Interview with Brandy Mychals

By: Brandy Mychals

RainToday.com's Podcast: Marketing & Selling Professional Services

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Everyone, including your buyers, has their own persona or character code. When you can identify their character preferences, you can better interact with them and improve the likelihood of their working with you.

That's because when you know how to present to the different character codes, people feel heard and identified with. And when they feel you understand them, they will "line up at your door," says Brandy Mychals, author of How to Read a Client from Across the Room and creator of the Character Code System.

How to Read a Client from Across the RoomThe key is to market to a specific character code, Mychals says, and you want to set that up following three steps.

First, you have to know who you are. What do you care about? What is it that you want?

"If you don't set it up to showcase who you are as an entrepreneur or as an executive, you get lost in the crowd. Because you could have the same career or the same specialty as someone else, and you could even want to attract the same clients," Mychals says. "The only thing that's going to set you apart is who you actually are. It's not going to be good customer service—that's expected. It's not going to be flashy marketing campaigns—anyone can get those. Really it's the person driving the campaign—the person behind the product or the service—that sets them apart."

Next you want to develop your purpose—your core message.

"This is valuable because it's the message behind you, your mission, your brand, your product," Mychals says. "It's the 'why.'"

Then you want to translate your purpose to plan for step 3, which is to decide what Character Code you want to market to. Who do you want to attract?

"In order to be sane and have a cohesive marketing message, you pick one character code or you pick a combo," Mychals says. "You pick those people, and then you filter it that way. Who you are, what your message is—your purpose—and make sure that it lands with your people, so that they get what it is that you have to say. And then people will show up and start knocking your door down."


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