7 Vital Skills of a High-Performance Revenue Marketing Team—An Interview with Debbie Qaqish

By: Debbie Qaqish

RainToday.com's Podcast: Marketing & Selling Professional Services

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The time has come for marketing teams to transition to revenue marketing—to play an active role in helping to generate revenue for their companies. They need to not only get leads to the top of the sales funnel but also pull those leads through the funnel and speed up the sales cycle. To successfully do that, organizations need a revenue marketing team that has seven essential skills, says Debbie Qaqish, chief revenue officer at The Pedowitz Group.

Skills for the B2B Revenue MarketingThose skills or roles include a strategic competency such as a vice president of revenue marketing, a business analyst, a power user or marketing technologist, a nurture specialist, a content specialist, a creative specialist, and a tele-qualifying competency for the "marketing qualified leads," she says.

"The whole notion of how marketing is transforming from being a cost center to a revenue center is absolutely here today for the B2B marketer," Qaqish says. "And as you think about that transformation, as you think about your own unique journey to revenue marketing, understanding what skills you need, what skills you have, and then how to address that gap is going to be a critical activity for you."

Listen as Debbie Qaqish explains the seven skills, why those skills are important, and the results B2B organizations are seeing from having such a team in place.


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