Following the Yellow Brick Road to Referrals and New Clients—An Interview with Jeremy Bromberg

By: Jeremy Bromberg's Podcast: Marketing & Selling Professional Services

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Getting referrals is all about whom you know, building relationships with those people, and leveraging that to get to the people you really want to talk to—potential clients. As Jeremy Bromberg says, it means following the yellow brick road.

Because Bromberg's potential clients are extremely busy and rarely leave the office except to go home, Bromberg, a contract chief operating officer, needs to reach them through different avenues. In his case, it means reaching out to other service professionals who work with his potential clients.

"In the small and midsize business space, owners almost always will have a lawyer, an accountant, a banker, maybe an investor, maybe even a board," he says. "Those are really the people that I need to target and I need to convince that a COO—and Jeremy as a COO—are a valuable proposition. So, I will talk with those people who talk to the clients, and I will try to build relationships there first."

Bromberg builds relationships with those people by connecting them with others who need their services, sending them his newsletter, and sharing articles and blog posts valuable to them. The goal is to offer something and stay top of mind.

"[My approach] is to talk to who I know. Ask them who they know. Look for how I can help them. Look for ways to stay top of mind," he says. "And eventually get them to the point where they're aware of me and when they talk to … someone who would be a potential client for me, they're more likely to [say], 'I know this interesting guy that you ought to talk to. I think he could really help you.'"

Listen as Bromberg talks about his referral system, why he doesn't do cold calls, and how RAIN Group's RAIN Selling approach helps him grow his business.


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