How Professional Services Firms Can Benefit from Entrepreneurial Thinking—An Interview with Leonard A. Schlesinger

By: Leonard A. Schlesinger's Podcast: Marketing & Selling Professional Services

Unexpected outcomes are not failures, rather they are learning opportunities that allow you to develop new plans and generate new outcomes. Businesses must learn to embrace such surprises, especially in an uncertain world, and not focus on getting the original plan back on track, says Leonard A. Schlesinger, President of Babson College and co-author of Action Trumps Everything.

Action Trumps Everything by Leonard A. Schlesinger, Charles Kiefer and Paul B. Brown"Rather than focusing on stuff that is unexpected as a failure, there's an opportunity to recognize that the surprises by and large are good," Schlesinger says. "Embrace them and use them as learning for taking your next step."

In this podcast, Schlesinger talks about how traditional problem solving does not work in uncertain complex situations and how "CreAction" and entrepreneurial thinking can help firms take smart actions to deal with unexpected results.


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  • 18:33