Online Marketing Tools that Give You a Lead over Competitors—An Interview with Jeff Quipp

By: Jeff Quipp's Podcast: Marketing & Selling Professional Services

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The online world is continually evolving. Buyers' behaviors change, which means your lead generation and marketing strategies must also evolve. To help you, several tools and tactics are available to identify leads, target your messaging toward them, and develop relationships with them.

One interesting new tactic is remarketing, says Jeff Quipp, CEO of Search Engine People. With Google remarketing, if someone visits your site but doesn't do anything, Google will set a cookie on the visitor's computer so that later if they land on a part of the Google network, they see ads for you, keeping your brand top of mind.

Quipp says firms can also take advantage of tools that are like Caller ID services for websites. They allow companies to see who visits their website, what Jeff Quipp, CEO, Search Engine Peoplebrought them to the website, and what pages they visited, he says.

"It's really interesting from a lead perspective because you can now see [people] coming to [your] site before they fill out a form and become an official lead," he says. "It gives companies an opportunity to jump the gun on competitors and possibly even reach out to those companies—approach them before they contact competitors."

Listen as Quipp discusses online marketing and social media tools to identify and reach out to potential buyers, as well as:

  • The three online marketing strategies firms should focus on
  • Mistakes to avoid in your online marketing
  • How one B2B firm uses online marketing to grow business


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  • 20:18