The Best Way to Qualify Prospects When Selling Services—An Interview with John Doerr

By: John Doerr's Podcast: Marketing & Selling Professional Services

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For most service professionals, finding time to both sell and provide their services is an issue. There don't seem to be enough hours in a day. That's why it's important that they qualify their prospects to make sure the potential buyer is worth giving their time to. You don't want to waste time on prospects who will never buy from you, says RAIN Group Co-President John Doerr.

You can "create time by spending it on the right people," he says. "You'll have much more success. You'll feel less stressed out. You won't have to take on all those extra late nights because you're doing assignments that you couldn't do because you were chasing lousy prospects."

Don't worry if your pipeline is thin, Doerr adds. It's the quality of your pipeline that matters.

Listen as RAIN Group Co-President John Doerr discusses:

  • Why service professionals need to qualify prospects
  • How to use the FAINT method to qualify prospects
  • Why the FAINT method is better than the BANT method when it's a complex sale
  • How to uncover the real decision maker


  • Length:
  • 17:48