Want to Attract New Clients? Think Like a Publisher—An Interview with Joe Pulizzi

By: Joe Pulizzi

RainToday.com's Podcast: Marketing & Selling Professional Services

If traditional marketing methods no longer get clients' attention, then it's time to consider content marketing. You want to think like a publisher and create compelling information that's educational, not sales-related, says Joe Pulizzi, founder and chief content officer of Junta42 and co-author of Get Content Get Customers. That involves publishing compelling content, such as articles, white papers and blog posts, regularly. Only by consistently doing content marketing—day in and day out—will you reap the rewards.Get Content Get Customers

Listen as Pulizzi explains what content marketing is, how to get started with this marketing method, how to develop a content marketing strategy, and how to measure content marketing efforts. He also gives an example of a firm that is doing content marketing right and point out how you can learn from it.


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  • 25:42